About Author

Hey, I'm Michele 👋 - a Senior Product Manager based in Toronto, Ontario.

My tech career started after I became obsessed with learning from Engineers and Designers at work. I didn't know Product Management was a career until I started asking everyone how I could build more cool products with smart and creative people.

Turns out, if you make your interests known, doors start opening. From there, I had the fortunate opportunity to work on Canada's leading video streaming service. My career in Products grew from there - since starting in tech, I have built and managed products in the Entertainment, Healthcare, Fintech, Non-Profit, and IoT industries. All of my technical acumens were learned on the job (and it wasn't easy).

With a passion for teaching and helping others break into tech, Speaking Technically was born! Speaking Technically are all of the concepts I wish I learned before jumping into tech.

And of course, if you have any questions or feedback, send me an email at technicallyspeakingcourse@gmail.com