About this Course

This course is the course I wish I had when starting my career in tech. It is based on my experience breaking into tech with no technical background. These are the lessons I've learned the hard way and hope to share them with all of you. When starting in the tech industry, I'd spend every meeting writing down terms upon terms - waiting for the right time to Google them on my laptop only to be still sitting there confused. That's what Speaking Technically is for.

What’s Technically Speaking?

In this course, you will learn about key technical concepts that will come up in discussions while building software products.

The goal of this course is to move you from scratching your head in any technical discussion to being able to follow conversations, so you can ask the right questions and make effective decisions when needed.

We will break things down for you concisely and leave out the technical jargon until you understand it.

  • What is an API?
  • What is System Design?
  • What is a front-end or back-end?

Who you are, and why Speaking Technically will help you

Speaking Technically is for people who interact with engineers and software as part of their job (or job they want to have).

Technically will help you:

  • Better understand technical topics in meetings
  • Work more effectively with your technical coworkers
  • Ask the right questions so that you can make better decisions

If you work with software or engineers often, this course is going to be helpful.


For a limited time, while we are in Beta, the course is $50 for the entire year. This will include new content as we continue to build out our library.